Oz, New Mobility Concept

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Oz is a new mobility concept, designed to answer our new urban needs.

What are these problems?

We know that people are moving to the suburbs for comfort or costs reasons, and that the companies are also moving to outside-town areas where they can have more space, bigger structure and more relations between them. In order to go to work and according to these new trends, people nowadays have to go from one suburb to another every day. That's called the Pendular Migration: it happens every day at the same time and at the same place (usually between 7:00 and 9:00 AM and between 5:00 and 7:00 PM).

Unfortunately, the public transports network in most cities is not equipped for this kind of fluctuation. Most of the time, it's based on a "star-shaped" model: 70% of the transportation goes from one central point in the city to the different suburbs. To avoid a one hour and a half commute by bus or subway, most of the workers take their own car to go to work, which is perfectly understandable. The thing is that, during these periods of "Pendular Migration", 95% of the cars "carry" only one person, for an average of 7m2. This causes a lot of congestion on the ring roads.

What is the answer to that problem?

Oz could be one of them.
A self service mobility system, which is placed in several strategic points all around the city. The idea is very simple: You leave your house in the morning, as usual, with your own car (maybe you have to drive the kids to school, etc…). But once this is done, instead of going on the congested ring road with your car and waiting for hours in the queue, you park it on a spot you booked earlier thanks to your smartphone app, and you take another vehicle, Oz. Much more adapted to what you really need, you now go to work in this small, comfortable, safe and efficient vehicle!

Slim enough to run between the cars, fast enough to go on every road (110km/h), simple enough to be driven by anyone with a driver's license, it's the perfect fit to save a lot of time and stress before and after a long day at work, isn't it?

And it doesn't stop there!

You can even choose the color of your vehicle with an exterior/interior LED system. Even better, your smartphone is the key to your Oz. You can also book a vehicle online for a limited time, according to the subscription you've chosen.

Your smartphone can also contain, as we know, a lot of information about you, like saving your destinations as well as your seat setups so it can settle automatically when you connect it to the vehicle.

In one word : driving on the congested ring road has never been easier, faster and safer.



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