GENBIKE-The Bike with Electrical Generator

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Nowadays power failure is a serious problem in rural areas of India. There are 10-12 hour power outages in various regions. As a result, farmers are not able to irrigate the crops in hour of need; it affects their growth and production of crops and the economy of the farmer.

In this hour of need I tried to using available resources in those areas, so that farmers can save time and money. Mostly farmers have motor bikes, they can use this bike as available resource, this bike can be used as electricity generator by doing some arrangements to couple the alternator to generate electricity and generated electricity can be used for running water pumps, household electrical appliances, wood cutter, driers etc.


On the existing bike I made arrangement to take power from engine of bike by making shaft on one side of engine through crank shaft. On power shaft is assembled with small power transmission unit which consist of combination of gear and belt drive to transmit mechanical power to alternator. There is solid base is made on the bike to mount the alternator and transmission unit when required to generate power.

When there is power need you just park the bike on a stand, assemble the alternator on stand, engage belt on pulleys and start the bike to generate electricity and that can be used to run electrical appliances. As soon as your need is over you can dissembles the alternator and use bike similarly one can mount water pump, chemical sprayer on the same base for other uses.


BIKE: 100CC, 2 Stroke, power 7.8BHp, air cooled engine.
Generated Electricity output: 3-5KVA, 250Volts, 3 Phase AC current
Fuel Consumption: In 1 liter of petrol bike runs 90 minutes with full load.


1. Genbike has simple construction, working and easy installation.
2. The generated electricity can be used to run all kind of electricity applications.
3. Efficiency of overall the system is higher than present appliances.
4. Genbike is multipurpose bike can be used as bike as well as electricity generator.


The old bike, alternator, gears, pulley and belt, electricity cables etc. these components are easily available in local market and their rates are less, or one can try for old used component too. The cost of overall unit excluding the old bike is around 10,000 Rupees ($170 USD).


GENBIKE is the best option for peoples in remote areas, in their hour of need to overcome power failures, to make use of the available resources to overcome problems and emergency needs.


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    Drying crops in my farm without irrigation, because electricity power cut.
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