Welcome to the Future: "Plug-in, Solar-Electric Vehicles Now!"

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Capitalizing on new items recently patented or submitted: It is now possible to create a Plug-in/Solar Electric vehicle that performs equal with the gasoline sport cars by employing highly efficient individual wheel motors, the brand-new therm-o-electronic battery, a battery that charges up like a water heater, in fifteen minutes or less, without melting the plug! The Cerfite Wheel motors a fresh lightweight multi-phase wheel motor based on ferrite material and electro-magnetic and electronic controls.

Particular important items:
Patent application 61734957 the Therm-o-Electronic Battery;
Patent application 13087138 the Cerfite, multi-phase motor;
Patent application 11565501 the Solar-powered, Tracking Energy Collector.

The solar device collects solar thermal energy when available the energy import method is directly compatible with the battery system. The battery system creates and controls all electrical energy generated in the vehicle. The battery system never needs replacement. There is no possibility of any explosion. The battery stores energy in an oil, then creates electrical energy via an efficient thermal/magnetic transformation. The battery is programmed to output the particular voltage and current compatible with vehicular power, until stored energy is depleted.

A PAL compatible electronic package interfaces the vehicle controls and indicators to the battery system, wheels and implements an anti-skid algorithm.

Any 115/240 single phase outlet may be utilized the plug-in charge the battery system when weather or conditions do not allow solar recharging. Realize that anytime you leave your vehicle in the sunlight you most likely shall return to a fully charged system.

Estimate is 400 miles per charge or unlimited if in full sunlight.

Demo vehicle: A 1999 Saturn SL2 is the proposed demo machine:
The Solar Device I placed upon the roof of the vehicle.
The existing wheels are removed as are, the exhaust system, the gas tank, engine and transmission.
New Wheels that incorporate the rotating ferrite components within the wheel are installed.
The existing brake system is retained.
Five 15x36 inch therm-o-electronic batteries are installed within the engine compartment.
A dual-channel ceramic pipe fashioned to fit the windshield profile of the care carry the energy transport material between the batteries and the Solar Collector.
The wheel motor stator-components are mounted just behind and around the brake components.
The new wheels with tires are installed.
Cables from the electronic package to the wheel assembly, a vacuum hose to the existing brake power unit is connected (an electromagnetic vacuum pump is included within the electronics package). The cables to the remaining car components are connected onto the electronics package. The auto-coiling forty-foot recharge cable is installed within the front grill.

Est cost: less than $9,999.00 install on demo vehicle.

After a fifteen-minute charge up or one to two hours in full sunlight, you drive your vehicle away!


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