Affordable Helicopter

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The tail rotor takes up 10 to 15% of the power, and complicates the mechanics. Some time ago I checked available designs and was surprised to find test flights in Germany in 1942 and a Dornier design well, a design in 1991/1992. Either compressed air pushes low octane gas through the rotor blades and at the end a spark plug ignites the fuel, driving the blades D (1942), Jet exhaust to the tip of the rotors, or a Zoche diesel driving an impeller and pushing the air into the rotor blades. Yet none of the projects became commercial. Now, a new design by a French company, again using jet exhaust, however (as seen at the current Paris Air Show) driving the rotor blades through an impeller. First I did not want to submit a design with variations of this theme, then decided to submit at the last minute anyway.

The drawings are not representative of a new design, but rather show several variation of the possible themes, including a combination of helicopter and gyrocopter, already envisioned with the Doblhoff Wn 342 V 4 in 1942.

The future is electric, no doubt! And the variations shown should be seen in this direction, electric drives. What is needed, is to go ahead with design and construction!


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    Has been my hobby for many years, especially aviation and space, although my profession is project management for industrial plants. I got stuck in cement!
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