Programmable Color-Changing Interior Fabric

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This invention consists of machine embedded PMMA optical fibers in a matrix pattern throughout the plush interior of an automotive vehicle that eliminates the need for installing or running any metallic wires or thousands of LEDs which can serve several purposes. The lighting effects are controllable to display anything from simply switching on a particular color for the entire interior at will or choosing from a selection of ambient graphic displays such as scintillating stars or colorful kaleidoscopes. In addition, the display can change dynamically in real-time according to various frequencies in music playing from the car speakers. The display fabric can also be switched to “sensor-mode” with color changing indicators displaying conditions in the car according to temperature and audio levels.

By incorporating a decibel sensor, the entire interior could light up and flash RED when the volume reaches a level that could damage a baby’s eardrums or when the temperature becomes too hot for a pet left in the car. Coupled with an IR motion sensor to determine if there is a person or a pet inside the car, an audible alarm such as the horn could accompany the flashing to alert people of the danger present to the occupant.

Wireless display fabric could be used in any application where metal connections represent a hazard in an automobile, airplane, or any device sensitive to electronic or metallic components.

The cost-effectiveness of this fabric compared to OLED, LED, or other display media is enormous due to the fact that an entire interior of a car would require less than a few dozen LED drivers compared to thousands needed using wires and metal-based displays.

The fabric can be used on interior doors and seen at great distances when the door is opened or embedded in vinyl allowing the dash board to change color according to preference or defined in the surface to display time, temperature, or incoming phone number data coupled to a Blue Tooth receiver.

CNC machinery to manufacture this fabric are available and located in the USA.


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