Underwater Tubes

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The underwater tunnels is the large and expensive idea that can change the way of living for the millions of people on the planet.

During the last century the construction of bridges was the major business for the any of the most known world economies.

The acrylic tunnels or the tunnels from the tempered glass could change the next century?

The demand for clean, cheap and fast transportation from Europe to the USA was always the base requirement to solve the any logistics problem as every year more than 56 million people go to the USA from EU27 countries.

If could we use such tunnels for the transport of goods you can be free of any storms and
you can use the Maglev trains for transportation - you can get the NY from London faster than 12 hours with the safer way and the same views.

Under the tunnel there is the pipe of glass with stainless rod inside. Every segment could have the jet rescue cabin and the wave generator inside.

On the top of the tunnel you can place the food farms as the temperature is ok and the size of the fields is not less than 5 000 000 m2.

Let's try to get the price for the tunnel that is similar to Eurotunnel project.
The distance from Dover to Calais = 43 km = 43 000 m
For the project we use the acrylic panels 1m x 2m x 100 mm
Panels total = 43 000 * 10 (height) * 100 m (width) * 2 (two sides) = 86 000 000
If every panel could cost 500 euros we get 86 000 000 * 260 = 23 bln euro

So if the price for the any panel could be cheap enough or if could we use the better panels we can get the good realistic prices for the project.

Some more statistics is here:
- http://ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/countries-and-regions/countries/united-states/ />- http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/statistics_explained/index.php?title=File:Extra-EU27_transport_of_passengers_in_2010.png&filetimestamp=20120524134703 />- http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/statistics_explained/index.php/Air_transport_statistics


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