Specially Designed Vehicle for Disabled Person

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The design is specially made for physically challenged people (without hands). This vehicle allows them to drive and control it by legs alone. The foot driven vehicle resembles a standard vehicle which is modified to meet special needs. In this vehicle the important functions like steering control, acceleration, braking and other electrical accessories like horn, lights and indicators are controlled by the means of legs with specialized design modifications. The three wheeled styling offers stability with a wider base support and also provides increased independence to the driver by overcoming the balancing issues.

Scrap materials are largely used up for the fabrication, so the cost of the product is minimized to a larger extent and which gives financial freedom for the further development of the project. The motive of our project is designing a two-wheeler for physically disabled persons with minimum cost. This project can be fruitful to the objectives of the challenged people who thrive to achieve their goal irrespective of their physical hindrance; we planned to provide the support needed for these self-confident personalities with our best of abilities through this project.



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