Solar Powered High Speed Tram

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A solar powered high speed transportation system that will connect every city in the USA within 10 years. the SKY TRAM system will be less expensive ,more economical to construct and operate,safer and immune to most of the problems the other systems have.

The SKY TRAM cars will be built using recycled airline fuseloges to start with. The Tram cars will be suspended from a single rail in both directions above the highways, traffic congestion,rivers and other items. The rail shall be supported by steel cables from towers or arch type system where applicable. The SKY TRAM cars will use D.C. electric water cooled motors that have regrenative braking. The Trams Trams will be powered by fast charge batteries and up to speeds of 250 miles per hour. The SKY TRAMS will be charged as passengers are loaded and unloaded at the transfer stations or as necessary. The new SKY TRAMS will be made out of composites and be more spacious, large view windows ,more comfortable and customer friendly.As the new SKY TRAMs are delivered ,the older ones will be converted to hauling light freight, such as UPS, USPS, FEDX and other items.

There shall be at least one transfer center in each city,with larger cites having more where they are needed. There will be ample parking at the transfer stations as well as shops. restaurants, retail shops and rental car stores. Recharge plug ins for electric cars, check ins for going to the airports. The main transfer stations will be able to service and restock the SKY TRAMS and change to different routes.

The whole system will be standardrized , so you will be able to travel coast to coast on the same SKY TRAM car or any location. Sleeping cars with restaurants and lounges are being planed. A ferry type tram is also being designed to haul vehicles so you can take your car with you.

The towers shall be similar to wind turbine towers,constructed of steel or concrete, and as high as needed. The rail track will be suspended at least 50 feet or as high as needed to go over any obstructions. There will be Verticle Wind Turbines on top of the towers and PV (solar ) panels as needed.

The SKY TRAM cars will be above rivers , traffic congestion, and immune to floods ,snow ,ice, heat ,wind and minor earthquakes.

The SKY TRAM can be constructed fast and at a fraction of the costs of other systems. It will have a positive cash flow and funded mostly with private financing. It will be a job creator,as many as 4.5 million permanent jobs and 2 million construction jobs. This project can reduce our federal deficits substantilly once it is in full swing.

This project can be done now, everything is available and ready to start construction. Patents are applied for and pending.
The SKY TRAM project is a win, win project for America and the people.


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