Clean Bike

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Currently one of the greatest problems in big cities, particularly in Mexico City, is mobility. The overuse of automobiles is creating traffic and pollution issues. Public transportation has significantly improved but it is still insufficient to fulfill the transportation demand. This prototype represents a clear advantage not only on adapting to new ways of transportation, but as a complement on government’s support on programs and infrastructure on the use of bicycles and other cleaner ways of transportation.

In order to make a bicycle a useful daily form of transportation, there are several requirements that need to be fulfilled to make the trip practical and comfortable. This prototype has an electronic board that transmits energy generated by dynamos and a solar panel to a front and rear lights and blinkers, as well as to a mobile phone for changing its battery. If this energy is not used, it can be stored in an additional battery integrated to the bicycle. Additionally, it is a bicycle that includes all necessary accessories such as bell, tool kit, air pump, water bottle and spare parts.

Everything is controlled by a system with a display located at the handlebar where burned calories, cadence, heart rate, and other information are available. All this data can be stored for a month and can be also read through a smartphone, which is wireless connected to the system. All these devices are waterproof and minor impact resistant. Costs will be dramatically lower than purchasing everything separately (bicycle and accessories) and it will save time by eliminating these individual purchases.


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    Daniel Olmos
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    Zenyaze Pérez, Sigfrido Soria, Daniel Olmos
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    Autocad, Arduino, Java
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