Personal Movility Vehicle (PMV)

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Nowadays it is really difficult to move around big cities. Traffic jams and rush hour in public transportation make the trip from home to the job a real nightmare for lots of people.

The Personal Movility Vehicle proposes a fast, fun and efficient solution for urban transportation problems. It is a small electric vehicle with three wheels that can be tilted and steered as a bicicle but that thanks to its design doesn't fall over when in a stop or standing still.

Thanks to its clever folding mechanism it can be folded to transform it in a small trolley that can be easily moved around or stored conveniently.

It is equiped with latest technology LiPo batteries that give an estimated range of 15 milles (24km) at a top speed of 13 mph (20km/h). Also it can be quick charged in less than 2 hours.

To sum up, the PMV is an excellent and eco-friendly solution to urban transportion.


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