Human Powered/Hybridized Vehicles

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Human /Powered Hybridized Vehicles

Bicycles are one of history’s most efficient machines converting up to 95% of rider energy into forward motion. Automobiles don’t come close to the efficiency of bicycles.

Pedalectric Vehicle Features
• Low to zero carbon emissions
• Low cost basic configurations
• Utilizes existing technologies
• Variable configurations
• Open source architecture and power sourcing for rapid evolution
• Sourceable from many facilities

4 Wheels vs 3

Unlike vehicles with similar design goals, the Pedalectric has 4 wheels instead of 3. This makes the Pedalectric easier and safer to operate by being more stable and familiar.

Application Driven Vehicle Design

• Solving the ‘last mile’ problem for commuters, Pedalectric is an affordable vehicle to reach mass transit.
• For some countries, Pedalectric would be vital where fuel is scarce
• For high end enthusiasts, the tricked out Pedalectric features microelectronics integrated with cell technology, solar re-charging
• For biking purists, CVT transmissions and recumbent seats provide a high performance ride for 2
• Children can ride much safer than bike trailers and seats

Standard Vehicle

The Pedalectric vehicle has four wheels, comfortably seats two adults, includes a cargo area, a conventional appearance and operating controls.

The front wheels are Hub motors. Hub motors are recognized as the most efficient method of transferring electric motor power to the ground due to minimal power loss from drive train friction. The hub motors operate as regenerative brakes, increasing vehicle efficiency.

Both driver and passenger seats adjust and have bicycle style pedals and crank connected by chain to a jack shaft with gearing, which in turn attaches to the rear axle by chain powering the rear wheels. This jack shaft configuration allows multiple auxiliary power sources to be incorporated depending on local needs and power source availability.

The Pedalectric body provides protection from the elements, aerodynamic efficiency and incorporates solar panels to charge the batteries. The windshield has wipers. Side windows open and close to make it comfortable in rain or sunshine. With highly efficient LED headlights and taillights, it can be driven safely at night.

The Pedalectric qualifies as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEVs). The United States government currently has incentives for owning and operating NEVs. The Pedalectric vehicle has a loaded weight of approximately 800lbs including two 200lb adults. As development continues the weight will drop.

Open Source Vehicle Manufacturing

We envision an open source platform for future development, enabling rapid progression of advancement in vehicle design. This is based on the concept of establishing local manufacturing facilities worldwide, reducing shipping costs and helping local economies by employing local workers. Production uses existing technologies and established manufacturing techniques.

The Pedalectric vehicle is a safe, efficient, non-polluting vehicle that is inexpensive to purchase and operate.

When all the factors are considered, the Pedalectric vehicle’s design features and manufacturing process make it the perfect solution for urban transport all over the world.


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