Automotive Wind Turbine Power Generator

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In college, I decided to get creative on a class project. We were asked to invent a technology for hybrid cars that had not been established. So, an electric engine powered by a solar battery pack could ultimately reduce wear and tear mileage and create a longer shelf life on vehicles. Correct? And, not to mention drastically decrease emissions. But, what if we also combined Wind Turbine that would create electricity to help generate energy while driving down the highway. As we all know, the Wind energy is the fastest growing source of electricity around the world. Contribute this new successor to the Automotive industry and you'll have positive results without question. The same technology used in a larger scale Wind Turbine will be used to produce this clean electricity. The generator will distribute the electricity down to a wind controller which will send it to the battery pack giving it a secondary stand alone source of electricity and ultimately turning your vehicle into a self producing electrical system.


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    Sean Lanigan
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    I enjoy filling my day with educational information that will help me in my profession in the future. I also enjoy playing baseball.
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    I spend a lot of days thinking of new ways to better advance our culture of technology in the automotive industry. Seeing advancements in innovation drives me to want to be a successor in finding an ultimate resource for the future.
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