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Ever since I was a kid I remember my friends talking about the cars in the future, “soon the cars will not touch the ground and they will displace like floating a few inches over the ground"… Many years have passed now and I have some kids of my own and the cars are still the same.

Let’s create the future, really!! The technology already exists and let’s make it happen, everything can be improved and make better for us and the future generation and our planet.

My objective was and is to build a lightweight hovercraft made from sustainable materials at the lowest possible cost for the consumer. The pictured prototype may need some refinements as with any other products being launched at first, yet it is very feasible given its weight that the two motors can lift the frame along with a 185 lbs person and propel it by using just the power generated by the two solar panels on the floor.

The hover frame is made of balsa wood; balsa wood has a very low density and is strong making it a very suitable material for the frame on this application, and it is also one of the most sustainable materials available. The software calculates the total frame weight to be 30 lbs. Also the metal frame on the solar panels (Yingli Green Energy, 250W PV Module, H4, PV Wire, 40mm Clear Frame, 60 Cell Poly, 15A Fuse, 226.2W PTC, YL250P-29b $259.13 each) was replaced by a balsa wood frame to reduce its weight.

Motor Type: PITTMAN-150203-01

To keep weight to a minimum I changed the original motor case for an aluminum case from the Brushless DC Motors (x2) with Integrated Controller 5.25-in w/, Operating Voltage (VDC): 27.6, Speed @ Continuous Torque: 1700 RPM Peak Torque: 1025 oz-in (7.2365 Nm).
Wheel Part number 682-620-250B25 Mass 6, 5 kg Manufacturer HERVIEU.

In the near future we will develop vehicles that will not touch the ground, that will not consume our natural resources and destroy the planet of the future generations, and most important that will not reduce the income on our budget every week.

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    Elias Chavez Monarrez
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