Laser Attack Missile

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The Laser Attack Missile is either ground launched, air launched, or space launched at a fast moving target. Instead of a warhead, or in addition to a warhead, a missile can contain a powerful laser, lightning laser (electro-laser for use only in the atmosphere), maser or particle emitting beam which is directed towards its fast moving target. A deuterium fluoride laser, oxygen iodine laser, and other chemical or gas discharge laser would work very well in such an application. A free electron laser, or other electrically pumped laser could be powered by precharged super capacitors (or charged magnetohydrodynamically by the plasma exhaust of the missile.) Diode lasers and slab lasers would be the smallest and lightest but not as powerful.

Such laser beams can be directed at any angle from the front of the missile towards it’s target via radar or electro-optical means. A nuclear explosion pumped gamma ray laser could also be used.

A laser missile’s beam can also permanently blind the electro-optical guidance system of the targeted missile. Alternatively, instead of shooting at an object that the missile is chasing, the missile can shoot at an object that is chasing it, thereby defending itself by directing its laser beam towards a missile or jet that is trying to shoot it down.

The laser attack missile, by getting closer to its target than the jet, ground launcher, or space vehicle which launched it, has a better chance (and more chances) of striking it’s target with a laser beam than with the missile itself (or other projectile). Moreover, the further an object is from a specified location, the harder it is to hit it from there with anything. Fast moving targets can sometimes fly faster than missiles which chase them or make evasive maneuvers including making fast sharp turns to evade the missiles and jets that chase them. Once within range, and targeted by the missile, a beam can be instantly emitted. Beams are generally always faster than missiles in a vacuum and in air. To some degree, a machine gun missile could also work well for the same reason, although it would be slowed immediately. Missiles and jets can also eject and emit distractions which can misdirect the flight path of the missiles that target them, but not a laser beam.

This new laser missile can thus be used as another defensive weapon to shoot down hard to kill missiles and to have missiles defend themselves from being shot down as well.


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