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270 kts. High Speed Helicopter
310 mph - Lower costs - Higher payload
Conventional helicopters reach speeds of 150 kt. (175 mph) because of the loss of lift forces at the retreating rotor blade at higher speeds. Counter-rotating rotors prevent the effects of the losses,

The essential need for life-support is electrical power, water and oxygen supply, processed from the soil around. While we easily can generate heat in several ways, the cooling of it is quite a different story. No problem on Earth to water and air,

A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps is a reliable, highly efficient, and low-cost hydraulic pump and sprayer, offered in several variants, that disperses fluids and liquids with high and low viscosities.
Inventor has a working prototype.
Purpose & Benefits•

Using an advanced multi-stage combustion chamber and customized cartridge and bullet the updated design brings stopping power and light weight 5.56mm ammunition into the operators. The design turns the 5.56 into an effective round for combat at a lower cost.

Knowledge Is Power
In a world that is rapidly growing smaller, knowledge is the one thing man cannot get enough of. Presently unmanned drones and robots are a high priority in the majority of our industries. Two major issues arise, cost and adaptability.

Aircraft Pax Cab Noise System Reduction
The system is based on an anti-phase noise generator.
The signal is processed from a vibration transducer by a DSP unit.

Orentrix Aircraft Tracking System was designed to solve the very problem of the still missing Malaysia Airline Flight MH-370.

This system transmits aircraft flight data including aircraft GPS location as SMS text messages every two seconds during normal flight status, and every second during an emergency,

Like Intex corporation builds above ground pools, my invention is for lunar construction of a living station. The circular design is similar to Apple's corporate center, it's layout simple and raised chemically with the use of a combination of Pepsi and Mintos!

This invention is about keeping track of commercial aircraft that support air traffic; passenger jetliners to transport people and cargo planes to transport goods. At present, when these aircraft take-off from runways, their flights are monitored by attendants in flight control towers for a brief interval, approximately 30 minutes.

In order to ensure true freedom and independence all basic needs of humanity must be met with self sufficiency, and transportation is one of them.

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