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270 kts. High Speed Helicopter
310 mph - Lower costs - Higher payload
Conventional helicopters reach speeds of 150 kt. (175 mph) because of the loss of lift forces at the retreating rotor blade at higher speeds. Counter-rotating rotors prevent the effects of the losses, but their mechanisms are very complex, heavy and increase the air drag significantly.

The new high-speed helicopter consists of a simplified conventional main rotor, a tiltable tail rotor, and small wings. Both rotors are in vertical position during takeoff, and the tail rotor additionally slightly tilted sidewise for creating the antitorque for the main rotor.

During the transition, the tail rotor tilts continuously into horizontal position, providing increasing thrust for horizontal ...

The essential need for life-support is electrical power, water and oxygen supply, processed from the soil around. While we easily can generate heat in several ways, the cooling of it is quite a different story. No problem on Earth to water and air, but Mars has no liquids on its surface, while the cooling capacity of its indeed very cold but also very thin atmospheric air is around 75 times lower per unit of air volume, than Earth's. This means that a cooling system on Mars must be 75 times larger than an equivalent one on Earth. For the very low powers that the robots presently on Mars dissipate, we still can cope with this, but not for the ...

A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps is a reliable, highly efficient, and low-cost hydraulic pump and sprayer, offered in several variants, that disperses fluids and liquids with high and low viscosities.
Inventor has a working prototype.
Purpose & Benefits• Dispenses water solutions, viscous water-oil emulsions and paint.
• Minimizes energy consumption while maximizing application.
• Works with various fluids in which diaphragm and piston pumps cannot work.
• Accommodates various domestic and commercial applications.
• This technology allows to converts an electric drill into an effective liquid and fluid dispenser.
Problems Solved
In industrial, medical-sanitary, agricultural, cosmetic and science fields, it is necessary to disperse liquids and fluids. Currently, a ...

Using an advanced multi-stage combustion chamber and customized cartridge and bullet the updated design brings stopping power and light weight 5.56mm ammunition into the operators. The design turns the 5.56 into an effective round for combat at a lower cost. The smaller caliber and lighter bullet are made accurate through internal porting, redesigned shell and casing and multi-stage combustion chamber. The smaller round allows higher velocity and kinetic energy with the redesign. The round produces significantly less recoil that the 7.62 with speeds averaging well over 2400 feet per ...

Knowledge Is Power
In a world that is rapidly growing smaller, knowledge is the one thing man cannot get enough of. Presently unmanned drones and robots are a high priority in the majority of our industries. Two major issues arise, cost and adaptability. The cost to product an unmanned drone is high and due to the cost they are often limited to a single objective. A drone can be such a versatile tool, and if it were ubiquitously available the possibilities are endless; from farmers in third world countries unable to spread pesticides in their field effectively to terrain mapping and even package delivery could change overnight.

To combat this issue, a lightweight and affordable ...

Aircraft Pax Cab Noise System Reduction
The system is based on an anti-phase noise generator.
The signal is processed from a vibration transducer by a DSP unit.
The DSP unit will produce the corresponding "anti" noise which is amplified and induced in cabin by a series of flat ...

Orentrix Aircraft Tracking System was designed to solve the very problem of the still missing Malaysia Airline Flight MH-370.

This system transmits aircraft flight data including aircraft GPS location as SMS text messages every two seconds during normal flight status, and every second during an emergency, which ensures that up to the last two seconds aircraft GPS location is always available and immediately accessible online to authorized parties.

This Orentrix Aircraft Tracking System can be deployed “now,” as in “today.” This system has two built-in satellite telephone systems, from two very reliable satellite system providers, Inmarsat and Iridium, and both these providers have global coverage. And their existing satellite phones are commercially available to the general public and are ...

Like Intex corporation builds above ground pools, my invention is for lunar construction of a living station. The circular design is similar to Apple's corporate center, it's layout simple and raised chemically with the use of a combination of Pepsi and Mintos! The wall structure uses an atmosphere similar to Earth's that keeps the structure structurally sound and habitable. This fast tracked self contained environment provides a large space, fast and with no on site construction required to build the structure.

Basically it is shipped and dropped on the lunar surface and remotely activated, setting the chemical reaction in place. Then the chemical reaction produces the gas needed to expand the double wall facility. After the structure self raises ...

This invention is about keeping track of commercial aircraft that support air traffic; passenger jetliners to transport people and cargo planes to transport goods. At present, when these aircraft take-off from runways, their flights are monitored by attendants in flight control towers for a brief interval, approximately 30 minutes. At the end of this period, the aircraft cross a distance of more than 50 miles. Then, pilots have the option to communicate with airport staff via a radio link. In case of an emergency, this radio channel could fail. The communication failure, the pilot/crew of the aircraft face a helpless situation. Often the emergency could arise due to mechanical system and hardware/software failure. The situation is further debilitated if the failure ...

In order to ensure true freedom and independence all basic needs of humanity must be met with self sufficiency, and transportation is one of them. In order to make an electric aircraft not only technically viable but also economically viable it must be designed holistically with all variables considered interdependent. This concept is a lithium polymer and fuel cell hybrid, permanent magnet synchronous/ reluctance AC motor blended wing body ducted fan aircraft. The design is for up to eight passengers with a 52' wing span utilizing the NASA LNR 1015 airfoil. In the design there are a few new innovations and new applications of existing tech.

1. AC permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor (still being vetted but promising large ...

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