Innovative Gun-Port for Vehicles

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What problem does your design idea solve?
With the current available gun-port, there is a greater risk or probability of the gun-man being hit during firing operations. This is because when the gun-port is opened, the mechanism is such that it exposes the vehicle interior and makes the gun-man vulnerable to injuries/death during firing operations. Besides, the mechanism of current gunport takes a lot of effort to open it during firing.

The above two major problems are addressed by my design idea.

1) My design idea not only provides better ballistic protection to the gun-man during firing operation.
2) But also reduces the effort required to open the gun-port during firing by the use of a mechanism that automates this task.

What are the potential benefits?
- Better ballistic protection to the gun-man
- Better unique design that reduces the gun-port opening effort by automating it.
- Provides better ballistic protection even at variable angles of firing, which is not possible with current conventional gunport.
- Cost of manufacturing is same or lower as compared to current gunport.

Where would this idea be applied?
This idea is applicable for armored vehicles, speciality vehicles for police, special forces, etc. wherever the occupants of the vehicle need to be protected.

What is the market potential?
Market potential is tremendous considering the number of vehicles sold for occupants protection.

How does your design work? OR How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?

- My idea uses a center plate that is made up of ballistic resistant steel that can slide in the groove of the center body, thus making it possible to turn the gun in all possible directions during firing operation without compromising on ballistic protection. This is not possible with current design because protection to the gun-man is compromised.

- My idea uses a wedge body that is closed using a spring. Whenever a gun barrel is inserted in the center plate body, the wedge is forced upwards thus opening the gun-port. When the gun barrel is removed from the center plate, the spring at the top forces the wedge downwards and closes the gun-port. Thus this spring automates the opening/closing of the center plate with the help of the wedge.

How would your product be manufactured?
My product will be manufactured mostly by laser/normal cutting, machining, CO2 welding, drilling, etc.

How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?
Production cost will be same or lower as compared to products already manufactured in the marketplace.


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