Low-Altitude, Long-Distance Aerial Inspections

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VTOL Technologies is a high-technology, aerospace business developing lightweight (less than 20kg) Beyond Visual Line Of Sight [BVLOS] low-altitude (below 500’) aerial inspection solutions for all types of network-based industry, using our unique, patented VTOL Flying Wing Remotely Piloted Aircraft System [RPAS] architecture.

Our target customers are businesses operating network-based distribution infrastructure and assets who are seeking to significantly reduce Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul [MRO] costs whilst improving process automation. Target market sectors include electricity distribution companies, oil and gas pipeline distribution companies; road, rail, waterway, offshore, maritime and mobile phone network businesses.

VTOL Technologies has combined the endurance characteristics of winged aircraft with the precision flight and hover capabilities of helicopters and more recently quadcopters, secured international patents and created an unmanned aircraft with extraordinary performance for network industry Beyond Visual Line Of Sight [BVLOS] aerial inspection operations.

The company currently has a tight focus on the UK and European electricity and gas sectors, with additional interest already being expressed not only in the UK rail sector, but also the North American Oil & Gas sectors. VTOL Technologies is currently building a strong business foundation engaging with UK and European corporate business through the European Space Agency, but has ambitious goals to deliver a global solution.

The company is currently generating revenues engaging in feasibility studies for the UK and European electricity and gas sectors, defining industry specific solutions for BVLOS RPAS. Additional opportunities in adjacent markets (rail, maritime and military sectors) are also developing.

The autonomous systems sector is the fastest growing sector of the global aerospace market. Within this sector (very high altitude, high altitude, medium altitude and low / very-low altitude), the worldwide very-low altitude market is the fastest growing sector with a forecast CAGR of 17% and predicted to continue to grow at this rate over the next 10 years. The global very-low altitude Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems market is currently estimated to be worth $1.78 billion worldwide.

Today, this very-low altitude market is dominated by quadcopter platforms (rotorcraft) that have VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) and precision flight capabilities but are very limited with regards to endurance. These systems are being successfully used for Within Visual Line Of Sight [WVLOS] operations, but limited forward speed and endurance impedes extending operations into Beyond Visual Line Of Sight [BVLOS] operations. The “holy grail” of the industry is the ability to operate precision Beyond Visual Line Of Sight [BVLOS], which requires a completely different aircraft architecture and set of avionics systems.

VTOL Technologies has developed a unique and patented RPAS architecture that is able to deliver not only precision flight and hover capabilities but also exceptional extended endurance not only in forward flight, but also when the RPAS is able to hover into wind and is a perfect fit for BVLOS operations. To the best of our knowledge, no other RPAS architecture has these capabilities today.


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