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This is a B.E Aeronauical Final Year Project.This project deals with selecting, modelling and CFD analysis of cyclocopter blades. Two NACA series airfoils, viz. NACA 0010 and NACA 0012, are used. The blades are then modelled using Catia V5R20 by importing the coordinates from using Macros. The pitch angle of the blades is determined using empirical relations for a single flight condition, i.e. at take-off. The modelled blades are meshed using ICEM CFD V14.5 and will be analysed using Fluent V14.5. The blades will be further modified by sealing the sides of the blades and adding winglets and analysed. The results of the first analysis will then be compared with the results of the new configurations. The configuration with the best results will be fabricated.


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  • Name:
    Suhas Shetty
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    Team members:
    Ajinkya Prakash Pawar,
    Kaushik B Das,
    Ronak Alson Jolet Periera
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    Catia V5 R20, ANSYS 14.5
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