Skybound 250

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At some point in their lives almost everyone has wanted to fly. The draw of the open sky can be very compelling, but for most it is out of reach. Airplanes are expensive and require specialized facilities to operate from. All of this can make it very difficult for someone to experience the joys of flying.

Enter the Skybound 250. Economically priced and freed of the restrictions of an airport this craft can get anyone flying. Designed around the FAA's regulations for ultralight aircraft this airship can carry one pilot and about 80lbs of cargo. Capable of traveling at 60mph, the maximum allowed for its type, and with a range of 100 miles this craft is perfect for recreational flying.

As an airship the Skybound 250 is capable of vertical take off and landing. This allows it to be operated from a backyard or field instead of requiring a runway. The craft is also forgiving to new pilots as it is lighter than air and thus hard to crash.

Flying the Skybound 250 is different from flying an airplane. The craft can hover in place and has improved maneuverability with its vectorable engines. On the inside the pilot has a lot more room to move about as the gondola floor is 2.5m long by 1m wide. This gives a level of comfort that is hard to find in airplanes. As an ultralight aircraft a pilot's license is also not required to fly the craft in the US.

The Skybound 250 is 20m long, 5m wide, and 6m tall. Fully inflated the craft could be fit inside eight parking spaces. For storage the craft can be deflated and dismantled.

The expected market price for the craft is between $15,000-$20,000.

We are Skybound!


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    Robert Johnson
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    I have always enjoyed flying and I design craft that I would want to fly.
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