Flying drone aircraft carrier

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This is my concept of a flying military drone craft carrier. The problem facing the military with drones is finding a suitable place for the drones to take off and land, one that doesn't require permission on distant lands. With such a transporter, the drones can be brought to bear within hours verses days using present day ocean bound aircraft carriers. Drones can land, refuel, receive additional weapons, and be repaired as needed. To increase the number of stored drones they can be designed to fold into place. The aerodynamics of the landing platforms can be designed to minimizes turbulence that would prevent the drones from safely landing and taking off. Optional: launching techniques would be to release the drones, much like bombs from the carrier's under belly.

Other potential benefits would be to design the flying carrier to accommodate piloted fighter aircraft.

My proposal is to use existing heavy lift aircraft and modify the fuselage and tail that would facilitate such a unique aircraft design. Such a craft would also use a lot less fuel than a typical aircraft carrier with a crew of hundreds.

Far into the future, I foresee such a flying carrier as one big drone itself carrying many smaller drones inside much like the Aztec in war would have thrown a hornet's nest at their enemies.


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