Heli Concept

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Future Helicopter
it is a concept of a helicopter with advanced technology. It is basically designed for military purposes..It's a conceptual design for a helicopter........A future spaceship.....can be used for defense and also for rescue mission..It can also be used for carrying huge loads from one place to another..It has two tail rotors on two opposite sides and two rotor blade in the middle of the spaceship..There are also two stabilizer rotors in front of the driver cabin in two opposite sides in the wing part... Jet body part is added behind which helps to boost the speed.


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    Nasif Javed
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    The inspirations comes from everything nice : ) .. I mean during your daily life , if you have met something nice, well done, well color matched . and i design a product to make it more flexible..
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    Solidworks 2014 , Keyshot
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