Archangel Electric Blended Wing Body Jet

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In order to ensure true freedom and independence all basic needs of humanity must be met with self sufficiency, and transportation is one of them. In order to make an electric aircraft not only technically viable but also economically viable it must be designed holistically with all variables considered interdependent. This concept is a lithium polymer and fuel cell hybrid, permanent magnet synchronous/ reluctance AC motor blended wing body ducted fan aircraft. The design is for up to eight passengers with a 52' wing span utilizing the NASA LNR 1015 airfoil. In the design there are a few new innovations and new applications of existing tech.

1. AC permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor (still being vetted but promising large gains in efficiency with an elimination of expensive control circuits).

2. Photochromic fighter cockpit style canopy for maximum visibility and situational awareness plus the benefit of shading occupant over head only from direct sunlight.

3. OLED transparent HUD multifunction display for all pertinent instrumentation.

4. Blended wing/ Nacelle/ Body low angle scimitar wing tip molded inverted v-tail. (Increase in efficiency, due to reduced interference drag. As to eliminate expensive flight control system and maintain a given level of efficiency the inverted v-tail was added which also increased longitudinal stability. This increased flight safety as well in cross wind conditions inducing a nose up attitude in gusting wind, reducing likelihood of mishap due to difficult flight conditions. )

5. Materials: In the age of expensive composites little attention is paid to inexpensive alternatives like duramold. This is used on the Fuselage/Wing structure and engine nacelle structure. Due to virtual elimination of aircraft fire the risk due to flammibility is rendered negligable. For flight skin, premolded carbon fiber and aramid composites will be fastened with ability for removal to access energy and flight control systems

Additional consideration is paid to the seating arrangement experimenting with tandom pilot station in front and rear to accomodate the shape of the passenger compartment, additionally including a slight incline (stadium seating) to facilitate creation of a luggage compartment under the seating. Consideration is also paid to the design for manufacture and maintenance with the molded body piece for removal in accessing the fan sections, AC motor and energy system.

6. Wings will be covered in thin film solar cells to produce trickle charge while in flight and on ground reducing the need for charging energy. Additionally, fuel cells work in reverse so the aircraft has the capacity to make it's own hydrogen.

7. Ultra efficient wide chord composite fan blades and ducted fan. Utilizing the cutting edge of aerodynamic design to increase efficiency.

8. Outfitted with maintenance telemetry to further develop and maintain the technology.

9. Outfitted with parachute descent system

From top to bottom this system takes all aspects into account with special consideration paid to efficiency in all components, synergistically working together. Design for cost, manufacture, maintenance and ownership.


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