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We are safe here inside the country because our soldiers are at risk out there at the line of control. Many times they got hurt by bullets, bombs and many impacts but they have no option except moving ahead and fighting with the enemies.

In our cities also cops also get captured in many dangerous riots but they have no option except entering in it and stopping the riots. In many situations we the normal people also get captured in situations where we have no option except fight and self defense for that time.

In all this situations when we get hurt by the enemy's action our body gets hurt and we cannot defend anymore without any pain killing at that time.

My Aspirinesuit is a novel solution for that.

Basic structure of Aspirinesuit consist of an outer layer, sponge layer. Sponge layer consists of the pain killing solution and antibiotic. If the person wearing this suite get hit by the impact then as per force of that impact the sponge get pressed and traces get sprinkled on the impact area of the body and person get relief from the pain for that time and also get secured from bacterial infection on wound.

As Aspirinesuit is made of sponge so it will not be tedious to carry on body and also it reduces the momentum of the object which is impacting the body and thereby reduces the force of impact on the body.


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