Self Repairing Space Vehicle

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The Self Repairing Space Vehicle is a satellite, space station, human transport vehicle or resupply vehicle that has a self repairing module attached to it. The self repairing module
is a self contained unit. The self repairing module consists of multiple 3D printers. There is one 3D printer for printing metal objects. There is another 3D printer for printing plastic objects. There could be a third 3D printer for printing metallo-plastic objects. Each 3D printer would be provided with a catalog of all the applicable parts that the spacecraft is made of. The 3D printer could be commanded from the ground station to produce or replicate any of the parts in the catalog. New items for the catalog could be uploaded from the ground station.

The Self Repair Module also consists of a Robotic Arm unit which could consist of anywhere from 1, 2, or 3 robotic arms depending on the design of the Space Vehicle. The Robotic Arm unit would be able to obtain the 3D printed part and place it in its final location. So as not to obstruct solar panels or other important payloads, the Robotic Arm unit would also consist of tracks on the exterior of the Space Vehicle. The Robotic Arm could be moved to any location on the Space Vehicle using the tracks. The Robotic Arm has self contained tools to use as applicable. For new Space Vehicles the Robotic Arm unit would be designed to be intrinsic with the Space Vehicle.

For retrofitted Space Vehicles in space already, the Self Repair Module would be attached at a predefined location using the Space Vehicle plans well in advance of the attachment of the two systems. The Self Repair module could be linked with Artificial Intelligence software onboard the Space Vehicle so that when the Space Vehicle was injured in any way, the Self Repair module could be used. The Self Repair Module can be resupplied with metal, plastic as required. The resupply process is automated so that only a resupply vehicle has to get close to the Space Vehicle and the Repair Module robotic arm will grab the new supplies and insert them into the correct location. A self test would then occur. The Repair Module is now ready to be used again. The attached figure is of a standard satellite.


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