Lifting Space Capsule

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Space capsule surviving re-entry through the Earth's atmosphere or that of another planet and impact on the surface requires knowledge of the forces of gravity and acceleration along with test design trials. Many early spacecraft that orbited the Earth landed on land or water which is still quite a hard surface if you are traveling at high speed. It is being designed as a fully composite structure, made up primarily of Kevlar and fiberglass.

The today Capsule design is due to high drag on CAPSULE body leads to too much increase in temperature. Many drawbacks of Todays Capsule are now solved by Lifting Capsule Theory. According to this theory we use high speed rotating fan for generating high pressure Ps in front of capsule. We know that, for free stream

P/Po=?(1+(?-1)/2 M^2)?^(?/(?-1))

The high pressure leads to generate a blended Shape (The Blended Body Theory) air shock. These shock leads to no direct intersection of heated free stream & Capsule Body. So there are very small rise in temperate of capsule body & save our TPS cost. The pressure difference (P- Ps) leads to control high speed & generate certain amount of lift.

Lift +Drag =Gravity
Few important points of LIFTING SPACE CAPSULE-
* So this concept leads to decrease in fall velocity by giving certain amount of lift.
*This leads us to control maneuver of Space Capsule & THE SAFEST way for re-entry.
* This give reusable features to capsule many times.
* No chance of failure in structural, electronic & electrical circuits.
*No chance of harm to Scientist ,astronauts & space traveler.

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