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Like Intex corporation builds above ground pools, my invention is for lunar construction of a living station. The circular design is similar to Apple's corporate center, it's layout simple and raised chemically with the use of a combination of Pepsi and Mintos! The wall structure uses an atmosphere similar to Earth's that keeps the structure structurally sound and habitable. This fast tracked self contained environment provides a large space, fast and with no on site construction required to build the structure.

Basically it is shipped and dropped on the lunar surface and remotely activated, setting the chemical reaction in place. Then the chemical reaction produces the gas needed to expand the double wall facility. After the structure self raises and self levels itself due to it's large size, the outer wall cavity is filled with insulation foam that hardens after deploying and dries chemically to provide a insulated hardened structure suitable for living and settling the lunar surface. It is a simple concept that is doable and a smart way to build a lunar station with out the fuss. Solar generators, HVAC, and Hydroponics all work along with personnel to settle the planet.

This structure provides for a space on the surface that can be used as a stepping point to construct larger facilities that require more traditional construction. The future development of the lunar surface for commercial use could reap a good ROI for the development of condos, observatories and paid vacations destinations.


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    Robert Jorgensen
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    Want to see lunar development to progress Space administrations and help America the minerals on the Moon and beyond.
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