TOR Jet (Takeoff Ramjet)

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Ramjet is the aircraft engine that can operate at a high speed at mach 5. The disadvantage of the ramjet is that it is difficult to have a moving part in the ramjet engine, so that it is not suitable to use during takeoff. Today if we want to use the ramjet, we need to carry the aircraft into a bigger aircraft before we can make the ramjet work during the airborne of another aircraft.

My innovation is to design the aircraft engine that can perform it function as aircraft type during takeoff, when the aircraft with operating altitude that engine will transform itself to the ramjet and operate at the high speed. We have a supersonic jet engine with cone when it takes off. If we want to use the ramjet we must stop all the moving parts.

First - We have a variable inlet area for closing input air to slow down the rotation.
Second - We use an electro-magnetic break. If we give electric current (I) to stator parts between the rotor, it will produce magnetic force (B) and the magnetic force will slow the rotor speed down.
Last step - Changing the pitch angle of the moving part blade. It can reduce lift force to stop the rotation.
After the moving part stops, we open the inlet area and accelerate to the ramjet velocity by change a movement, then we start ramjet system.

 The Takeoff ramjet is not suitable to use in commercial flight, but in the war easier takeoff and faster speed will change the war.


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