Hover Board: A Multi Purpose Aerial Vehicle

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it involves the modeling of a ducted-fan type hover board for defense surveying and commercial purposes. It is a compact aerial vehicle which can fly, hover and propel itself. It also follows a simple design centered on a piston engine as used in a motor bike. Currently it is designed to carry a single person. It consists of a co-axial type propeller mounted on a motor bike engines or a hi speed brushless electric motor (in this case li-po fuel cells are used as the power source ).

A new type of control system is introduced so that it can fly in almost all direction with ease. Aerodynamic efficiency is high due to the usage of ducted fan configuration. Moreover it can able to take off and land vertically from any terrain. It does not need any runway. The cost of this hover board is estimated to be 2.5 lakhs (approx).


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