A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps

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A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps is a reliable, highly efficient, and low-cost hydraulic pump and sprayer, offered in several variants, that disperses fluids and liquids with high and low viscosities.
Inventor has a working prototype.
Purpose & Benefits• Dispenses water solutions, viscous water-oil emulsions and paint.
• Minimizes energy consumption while maximizing application.
• Works with various fluids in which diaphragm and piston pumps cannot work.
• Accommodates various domestic and commercial applications.
• This technology allows to converts an electric drill into an effective liquid and fluid dispenser.
Problems Solved
In industrial, medical-sanitary, agricultural, cosmetic and science fields, it is necessary to disperse liquids and fluids. Currently, a variety of pumping devices are available for accomplishing this task. Unfortunately, certain design features of these piston pumps do not allow effective pumping of liquids with higher viscosities. When liquids and fluids of these types are pumped, the overall productivity or volume of the fluid pumped per minute decreases while the pump drive mechanism’s energy consumption significantly increases, which is highly inefficient.
We possess the accessible information on a wide range of technical application of offered technology Detailed Description & Features
A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps utilizes unique vibratory-cavitation technology to effectively dispense liquids and fluids with minimal effort. This innovative product comprises a working cylinder with a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, a rod extending into the cylinder, a piston fixed to the rod, a plate fixed to the rod and spaced from the piston, an activator7 slid ably mounted to the rod between the piston and the plate, and an oscillating pumping mechanism. The oscillating pumping mechanism is operable connected to the rod to move the rod with respect to the working cylinder. The sliding activator creates cavitation in the pumped fluid to increase the overall ease of pumping the fluid. The pump can also include an external cylinder disposed around the working cylinder to impart rotational motion to the incoming fluid, thereby enhancing the cavitation created in the fluid by the pump, rendering the fluid easy to disperse. The hydraulic pump and sprayer can be offered in several different variants for a wide range of applications.
Image Info
FIGURE 1 Shows a sprayer of a liquid with productivity up to 1600ml/min and pressure from 50 PSI to 250 PSI on the base of a vibratory-cavitation piston pump.


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