Toxic Gas Sensing UAV

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Toxic gas sensing UAV

The objective is to create a UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) with poisonous gas sensor as its payload. Airways are the modern and best way to cover large area with less time thus we used an UAV to carry the poisonous gas sensor. We can use this hybrid UAV to fly over the city, if by accident any poisonous gases leaks from industry or any other places, this Nano toxic gas sensor in UAV can detect that and gives information to the ground station, and the ground station can take the remedial steps to control the leaking and save the people. This UAV is not only used to save the city, it can be also used in defense applications so that the soldiers can detect poisonous gas bombs and save their life. Thus this UAV with poisonous gas sensor will help to save many lives of our people during bio war and this is the best solution to detect poisonous gas leaking. The UAV which will be used in this project is hybrid in which it is solar powered during day time flight and is battery powered during night time flight. The power supply for the avionics is provided by the battery. The sensor can detect gases up to a range of (+1600feet) it will detect the gas and gives the information to ground station about what type of gas is leaking, so that they can take necessary remedial actions immediately to prevent it and help to save the peoples before they are affected by that poisonous gas.


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    Vishnu Varthan
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    Prasanth J
    Vishnu Varthan R
    Manoj Prabhakar G
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    The Accidents that occurred in Bhopal and Chernobyl inspired us the need for a Defense System that would Detect the leakage of Chemicals or toxic Gases that are Harmful to our Environment.
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    Solid Works, ANSYS CFD
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