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It is just a conceptual design. Spaceships are the ones which have a challenging mechanism, not found clearly. We know is that the particle which rotates with ultrasonic RPM will produce anti-gravity. But it is not easy to produce and travel in it. From the same concept, using a rotor which surrounds the standardized solid in the shape of foil, when the rotor starts to rotates the solid will try to escape from the gravity. By adjusting the angle of the rotor we can move or direct it up and down and also to the required direction. This spaceship's blades are in the angle of "I," when we adjust it to the angle of 30 degree to the direction backward(like "/") it will move upward, similarly to the downward direction (like"\"). By adjusting the blade rotation angle we can direct it towards the required direction. The material of the blades should be more hard and less weight. The RPM of the blade should be more than 7,000 to lift the ship.


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