Explosive Detector Machine

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This is a magnetic detector, to locate explosive devices and other weapons.

This technology has enormous opportunities and possibilities! This is the next great leap that will take us into the future of Motion Movement Devices, and Motion Magnetic Energies Technologies. We want to manufacture mechanical/ devices and products widely used in the automation and manufacturing industries. We have developed several different versions of polycarbonate assembles that are highly advanced. This assembles are extremely lightweight and powerful, with finite control that lends itself to micro-miniature technologies in robotics and nanotechnologies fields. This is new technology developed by Birchard that has many types of detection applications. We have also completed a number of tests with a major defense contractor perfecting the technology.

The Long Range Material Detection System (LRMDS) uses a highly advanced Magnet Detector that utilizes revolutionary motion magnetic hardware, and Digital Signal Process Software (DSPS) to read the Signature Recognition Codes (SRC) of most any materials. SRC codes are embedded in all materials; it is like DNA in a way. Every type of matter/material has a unique Signature Recognition Code (SRC) code. We read this SRC code and convert it into useful information and display it on a Computer Screen, Monitor or a LED read out. These head-down and heads–up screens display all the important information pertaining to the target explosives composition and location. This technology can also be used to display and detect other type of materials (Gold Silver, ECT...). This technology has many other applications.

The Long Range Material Detection System (LRMDS) shown below is manufactured as an Active Gun Unit model (AGU). It is a standard model we manufacture. General specifications are listed latter in this white paper. Because of the High Security, and High Profile clients, Andronics manufactures custom Long Range Material Detection System (LRMDS) devices in camouflaged configuration. We have found that most of the time this is desirable for the majority of customers. The AGU and the Passives detectors can be totally hidden away from visible site. This is very advantageous to the safety of the clients and the equipment. We also describe a few other detectors.
The programs used are very intensive for imaging processing and does require advanced coding/programming, along with hardware design, we have done most of it. Proven technology



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