Rapid Forest Fire Extinguisher

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Rapid Forest Fire Extinguisher

Fires in dry arid forests start very quickly. Even if these fires are detected quickly, by the time resources are deployed to the fire, the fire could already be out of control. Traditional methods for controlling such fires involve dumping water from a nearby water source by helicopter, aircraft or people with tools – sometimes with deadly results. Moreover, the trip from lake to source loses precious time needed to fight the fire.

This invention involves using a large multistage bottle rocket that has a long range. The bottle rocket features a finned guidance system, a multistage bottle rocket system that used compress air that forces water out of its nozzles from plastic bottles for thrust and a payload of fire retardant. A satellite or flying observatory detects the forest fire as it starts and sends a signal to a launch controller with the coordinates of the fire. The multi stage bottle rockets launches after receiving air traffic control clearance and descend on the fire or around the fire to contain it quickly.

Methods of dispersion include
1. Explosion is the air above the fire to disperse in a wide area
2. Multiple bottle rockets dispersing in a ring around the fire to contain it or
3. Multiple rockets dispersing in a line to direct the fire away from sensitive areas.

This approach treats forest fires like an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile. Quick response equals quick containment. The advantage of using a bottle rocket vs. a real rocket is that it doesn’t contribute to the fire or cause new fires and it is less controversial if it goes astray. Moreover, the guidance system could be recovered and reused with a suitable tracking beacon.


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