Field Trauma Wound Care Kit for K-9's ("FTK-9", Formulae, Method of Use and Manufacturing Method Thereof

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The Field Trauma Kit for K-9 (‘FTK-9’) wound/paw injuries is designed to minimize trauma stop bleeding and enable field treatment of shallow and deep tissue (paws, legs, torso) injuries to MWD's (Military Working Dogs) and other service animals. Utilization mitigates trauma, preserves material asset (MWD), improves survivability and resilience of troop strength.

The FTK-9 Kit (Poochie-Peds™) comes in a powder-form and is made up of a combination of microcapsules (from 1um to 150um) and pharmaceutical -grade coagulants, along with a natural, plant-based polymers found in foods, e.g., wheat, rice, corn and potatoes. RMANNCO’s proprietary component comprising a novel delivery system is made of microspheres that can be manufactured to range in sizes from 30-600um and are made with 100% natural Beeswax containing adjutants, manufactured by RMANNCO, Inc., Lenoir, NC. The microspheres are loaded/filled with FDA approved antiseptics, such as Tincture of Iodine, NeoSporin®, or antifungal cremes, e.g., Triple Care®, or common Tea Oil. Rapid coagulant components in the FTK-9 (Poochie-Peds™) product comprise a hydrophillic biopolymer that binds to fluids, e.g., blood/lymph.

An additional (optional) component, a biopolymer is used in cases of profuse bleeding and provides both a temporary covering and analgesic effect to the injury (paw/toes) and lasts for up-to 2 weeks. These features insure both sanitary healing of cuts on the K-9's paw and the microcapsules containing antiseptic/antifungal compounds helps to soothe areas of injury (due to cuts from ice, snow, sharps, barbed wire, etc.).

The FTK-9 product was submitted to US ARMY SOCCOM and was selected for demonstration by the US ARMY SOCCOM for participation in TE-14 at Fort Story, VA on March 25, 2014. The demonstration was a complete success.



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