Fiber optics multiple modality illumination

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Fiber optics multiple illumination

Did it ever bother you as a technician, engineer or nontechnical person to have to rip off a whole cockpit just to change a light bulb, whether it be in your car or on an aircraft or a ship and not just the cockpit? Does a simple bulb or an LED light broken deserve such an effort ? Off course, yes, they indicate or light the area of interest, but think further how many times you almost broke your neck by getting on that chair to change a neon or home bulb, how many times you stopped airport operations to do maintenance on an airfield light and spent hundreds of dollars by sending the maintenance vehicle for photo-metric calibration?

How many times does a worker have to climb heights to maintain and change light system on a light post, whether it be an airport, a ship or urban environment or home? Engaging vehicles and spending time and money, but most important risking human life and effort most of the time.

Fire started by poor cabling at homes, vehicles and devices on short circuit cause stripped cables on the way.

Too many errors, too many times. Why send energy to a light bulb? Why not send the light to/from the bulb wherever we want.

The fiber lighting system is a system based to harness and guide light through fiber everywhere is needed based on its purpose.

The source is away from harms way, easier to reach and faster to repair and maintain. Whether it be using the whole fiber as illumination or by terminating it into a crystal fiber is the solution.

Fiber optic uses the power to harness the light and silicon or special glass crystals at the end that are used to guide expand and amplify light as per need.

Sample applications of the crystal fiber system:

Airfield lighting
Home lighting
Vehicle illumination and signaling
Aircraft illumination and signaling
Ship Illumination and signal lights
Urban environment

Military use as: Fast deployment land and sea tactical landing zone and docking solution.

The fiber can carry anything even infrared light, or black light so apart from the conventional lighting system we can carry more as needed.

The idea is to take the light source to a more secure place where to junction with the power supply, more easy to maintain and away from environment conditions. Fiber is amphibious and won't spark a fire or electrocute you in the way, like so we cut out any option of error and danger by copper wire problems for the lights.


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