Personal Mobility for the Digital Generation

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Unique, flexible, platform suspension technology suitable for mass manufacture, helps enable the lowest carbon emission, fully enclosed, fully powered, manned road vehicle. Achieved by IP for space and parking efficient, narrow, small frontal area, low aerodynamic drag, ultra-compact, fully enclosed, tilting, ultra-lightweight, tandem seat, commercially viable, personnel, commercial, taxi, emergency services or military on-road or off-road vehicle.

Customer Problem

Best practice emission mass manufacture vehicle currently 95g/km v our 30-50 g/km CO2. A major auto manufacturer was fined US$50m for not meeting Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) standards across their ranges. In 2015 mandatory fines may be imposed in Europe. For example, by 2020 if OEM misses the 95 g/km target, to average 100 g/km, the fine would total €700m. Strategy is considerably smaller, more efficient and narrower 'sub-A cars.'

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China currently has 131 cars per thousand people and India just 12 cars per thousand. By 2050, India will have 382 cars per thousand people, and China will have 363 cars per thousand. By 2050 China and India alone will have 1.1 billion cars - more than the total number of cars in use on the planet right now.



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