This system is a pneumatic electric hybrid. It is a self sustained velocity /pressure cycle that will produce fuel less electricity for unlimited range while charging itself.

From "Start" the battery powers the mapping computers / control boards. The mapping computer allows current from the battery to rotate number 13 (electric motor). This action causes number 14 (permanent magnetic generator) to feed current to number 8 , mapping computer (an active circuit in the "run" position - current from transformer in the battery charger / low tension dc current) and then to feed high tension ac to number 6 (fixed field coil primary generator).

Number 34's (current pick up) output is then fed through number 33 (brush track brushes ...

Many kinds of multicopters have been developed recently. One of the most interesting ways of use is photography from the air. It must be useful that if it were possible that taking pictures of a car from the air by a multicopter. Because it is able to record not only the running car but also surrounding cars.

The problem is that multicopters are not able to fly as fast as cars. To solve it, the gliding function is added. This combined glider and muticopter plane, named "glicopter," is able to fly by itself with its rotors as a muticopter when the car running slow or stopping, and glide with traction through a wire tying between the car and the ...

The design objective was to design a vehicle for the next generation (Generation Z) for the world's largest cities of the future.

The Vehicle is designed around the city of Tokyo for the year 2025, with the aim at bringing excitement back into the commuter's day to day travels. The City of Tokyo, while it has an extremely efficient transportation system that arrives promptly, all of the commuter trains are grossly over capacity, some as close as 200%, which leads to a dismal commute to work.

The inspiration of the vehicle came from science fiction themes like tron, the idea of having a vehicle disappear and re-appear on command was awe inspiring. I wanted to take the excitement of ...

170 mpg Hydraulic Hybrid
Lower costs - 0 to 60 in 4 sec. - Travel 1,000 miles
Conventional cars have powerful drivetrains for fast acceleration and brakes to stop the car. They are heavy, costly, space consuming and waste a lot of energy. Only 1/6 of the energy is utilized to drive the vehicle.

The Hydraulic Hybrid is driven by an advanced hydrostatic drivetrain, consisting of a hydraulic free-piston engine, an accumulator and four hydraulic wheelmotors. The engine provides pressurized fluid for charging the accumulator and driving the wheelmotors. When fully charged, the engine is turned off and only fluid from the accumulator drives the car. During braking, the wheelmotors are reversed to pumps, acting as ...


Crystalline Energy Research Corporation (CER) has designed a revolutionary new Capacitor Energy Pack (CEP) for Electrical Vehicles (EVs) using Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs). The MLCCs utilize CER’s novel and developmental capacitor dielectric materials that have K (Dielectric Constant) factors in excess of 300 hundred million. The CEP would contain 12,000 MLCCs; each MLCC with a 5.5 Farad rating, for a total of 66,000 Farads. Utilizing a charging system that converts 240 Volts AC (VAC) to 336 Volts DC (VDC), the CEP could store 1,000 Kilowatt Hours (KWh). The voltage converting system could be either external or internal to the CEP and the discharging circuitry would be internal. The CEP would be similar in ...

Future engines must meet tough fuel economy and emissions standards without sacrificing power. Variable valve actuation (VVA) can help, but current engines with VVA all have camshafts, so they are not fully variable. LIM Technology has invented a pneumatically actuated, digitally managed valve which is fully variable and requires no camshaft. The video shows how a LIM valve works in our 2-stroke engine, and how it might work in a 4-stroke engine.

Installing LIM valves in our optimized 2-stroke diesel offers the best combination of:
- fuel efficiency.
- power density.
- simplicity
- manufacturability.

Unlike some proposed “fully” variable systems, LIM valves are not limited by:
- electrical system capacity.
- mechanical complexity.

We know and see that any running car while leave any place, the wind goes toward the leaving place from all sides. By this method we can produce wind power from a train by rotate turbine up to 6 m.w. by carring only 8-10 M.T. (approx with wind power store room which is installed at the end of cast bogie of train) extra weight.

Two metal sheet wall of 12-15ft. length each is installed at the two side of the end of the wind power store room keeping distance of 2-3ft from back wall. The roof of these wall is covered and side wall is connected with bogey of train by angle type or beam type iron. Turbine to ...

The objectives of this project are to:
•Increase overall commercial fleet fuel efficiency
•Improve tire wear and service life
•Decrease fleet tire maintenance costs and compliance with federal safety regulations

Under-inflated tires significantly reduce a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by increasing rolling resistance (drag force). The Air Maintenance Technology system described in this proposal replenishes lost air and maintains optimal tire cavity pressure whenever the tire is rolling in service, thus improving overall fuel economy by reducing the tire’s rolling resistance. The system consists of an inlet air filter, an air pump driven by tire deformation during rotation and a pressure regulating device.

Pressurized air in the tire cavity naturally escapes by diffusion through the tire and wheel, leaks in ...

Is your keyboard hooked into your computer by means of metal rods that go up and down when you press a key? Is your mouse integrated with your motherboard? Did Dell redesign your entire computer when browsers had to update for HTML 5?

Is your computer a mechanically integrated mess of interdependent components designed and built from the ground up by one company to never be upgraded or updated?

No? Why do you put up with a car like that?

At A Truly Electric Car Company (ATECC), we think the car should be a synthesis of separate components that talk to each other in the same electric language. If your brakes offend you, take them out and replace them ...

Approximately 55% of the fuel used in the USA is consumed at highway speeds. 75% of this fuel is used to overcome air drag forces on the vehicle. Of the 75%, 20-40% of the aerodynamic drag force acts on the radiator area of the vehicle. An adaptive fairing design can be incorporated about the radiator area thus saving 6-8% of the total fuel used in the USA today. This reduction can decrease our dependence on imported oil. The fuel standards are increasing each year and the automotive companies can utilize this technology to meet future highway economy standards.

Automotive manufacturers are incorporating active grille shutters on many models to limit the air flow passing through the radiator and engine ...

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