Emergency Three Wheel Drive For Off Roadies

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Most off road vehicles travel in rough terrain, so the chance of damaging the tire and tire puncture is greater. Due to this problem the work in progress can stop. Nobody wants such things to happen. During such unavoidable circumstances EMERGENCY THREE WHEEL DRIVE comes into action. For example, during ploughing the land if the front wheel gets punctured we have to bring the tractor to the flat land and with the help of a screw jack we have to remove the punctured tire, take it to the shop to repair the puncture, place it back into its position and it is fitted to the tractor and the ploughing is continued.

There is an another option the farmers are using in case of front wheel puncture. They ride the vehicle with the help of three wheels for reaching short distances. They convert the four wheel vehicle into a three wheel vehicle in a nonconventional way. I started working on this and came up with a new conventional way for making the four wheeled tractor into a three wheeled tractor with some assembly of hydraulic pistons and wheeled sliders.


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