Exploring The Use Of Multiphase Electro-Magnetic Engines

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Instead of searching for alternative fuels or alternative sources of energy, this entry discusses how we have optimized the existing technology of engines used in electric/hybrid engines for generation of better torque and thus higher power output. This we have done by changing the way in which electric engines work, a switching circuit which is connected to coils that are present in stator part of a normal electric motor was provided and the windings were changed to independent, individual configuration. The result that was calculated was a higher power output than conventional electric engines.

The whole process begins by person starting the battery supply. As soon as the process begins, the current starts flowing through the components and the clock determines the position of the acceleration paddle. According to the acceleration paddle, the clock adjusts the time in which the current changes its flow from one coil to another. Since relays work in nanoseconds, they switch current on as soon as current comes to them from microprocessor. Thus, the switch through which 48 volt is flowing gets closed down and thus current starts flowing from that coil. The coils here are made of tarnished copper wire which generate magnetic field almost immediately. And as soon as the car was switched on, the current started flowing from each and every component thus it means the current even started flowing through the coil which is wounded in the rotor part with three slits and lobe like projection. As discussed previously, the polarity and nature of both the fields generated will be inverse in nature and hence, the lobe like projection will be attracted to its reverse. Now, when microprocessor will constantly switch the current through the ten coils present, the rotor will be attracted to it and thus will rotate hence rotating the crankshaft. This is how the multiphase engine works. You see why the term multi – phase has been coined? Each and every coil will produce a field with different phase current. And each magnetic field will be used only in its half of region. Thus, the driving force will be much larger and hysteresis much lesser. Hence, power output supposedly increases and hence much better performance is provided by this electric/electro – magnetic engine.


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