E-MDS (Eco Multi Drive System)

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We all are aware of the highly decrease levels of our non-renewable resources such as petroleum. If we not optimaly utilise these resources they will be extint, and our coming generations will not be able to use these resources. My design is a step towards saving these resources. Cars and automobiles are mainly resposible for the decreasing level of these resources.

My design will remove the wastage of the fuel and provide better fuel mileage/economy. This design works in three modes using solar energy, Electrolysis and electric power. These modes are:


1- Electric Mode- in this mode the car runs only on motor in city drive upto 50 km/hr.
the motor is driven by the Li-ion bateries which is bieng continously charged with the help of solar panels which is on the roof of the car.

2-Hbrid Mode- This mode works when the speed of the car reaches above 50 km/hr.
In this the car uses both motor and engine to drive the wheels. The engine works on atkinson cycle providing greater fuel effeciency which drives a generator which further drives the motor and motor also takes electric power from bateries for beter cruising speed.

3- Engine Mode- when the driver needs more speed or wants to run only the engine the engine gears directly atach to the wheel gears to run wheels directly. now the generator will give the electricity to the inverter unit to charge the batery. and engine is provided with extra oxygen supply through electrolysis. Increasing the effeciency of the engine and fuel economy.


1- Engine- DOHC working on atkinson cycle which increses the fuel mileage. and use of electrolysis to provide more oxygen supply to the engine to further increase the mileage.
2- Transmission- Dual Cluth transmission which increases the fuel economy.
3- Motor- For saving fuel in city drive
4- Solar Panel- for charging bateries through solar power. so the batery never runs on empty.
5- Generator- For supplying more power to motor through engine. And to charge the bateries in Engine mode.
6-Electrolysis- provide the extra supply of oxygen to engine.
7- Regenrative brakes- for charging the bateries on braking by changing K.E. to electrical energy.
8-Friction Brakes_ as if the R.B. fails it is used.


1- Charging- It is continuosly charged by solar energy, generator, regenrative brakes. And also through 220 volts Supply.
2-Fuel Economy/Mileage- the mileage is increased many times in three ways
-firstly, by using motor instead of engine in city drive.
-secondly, using both motor and engine in hybrid mode
- thirdly, using electrolysis for providing more oxygen supply for better fuel
3-Dual Clutch Transmission- it also helps in increasing the fuel economy.
4- Weight- can be decreased by using glass fibre body panels.

In this way my idea solves the problem of depletion of nonrenewable resources.


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