Forklift Accident Prevention

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Accidents in Forklifts occurs mainly due to reduced vision because of the mast that is in front of the driver. To prevent this following few modifications can be done & put to practical use:

*On-board camera can be provided so that the driver drives by watching the camera.
*Obstacle sensors can be provided so that when anyone comes across the forklift the sensors sends signal to caution the driver.
*The mast and the counterweight can be exchanged in their places.
*The drivers seat to be modified to a turntable.
*While loading & unloading the driver turns with his seat & facing the mast he operates the control levers.
*While driving the Forklift the driver turns front and drives facing the counterweight.

The above ideas could help to prevent accidents.
The production cost is not so high and is practically possible.
The above ideas when put to practical use could help to prevent injuries and improve safety and security.
This helps to reduce the downtime in transportation.


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