An Intelligent Mobile Application For Zero Accident Safety Roadways Using Android

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The proposed IDRUS device is a Driver Assistance Device, a transceiver among vehicles to provide safest driving on the typical roadways, by identifying and alerting the driver about events such as sudden slow/brake, broken down vehicle, invisible spot alert, lane change alert, intersection alert, left/right turn assist.

Each vehicle has a built-in Intelligent Warning Device (IDRUS). IDRUS is a customized device which has GPS system, Sensor Unit, Processing Unit, Power supply unit. GPS system is used to identify the location of the vehicle, time and direction of the vehicle. GPS system is working with IEEE 802.11 b Wi-Fi protocol to makes the device cost effective. Sensor unit consists of ultrasonic sensor and proximity sensor to identify obstacles on the road. Processing unit consists of ARM processor which acts as controller for the entire system. The power supply is for maintaining the power back-up for the entire system.

Each vehicle will communicate with the neighboring vehicles with the help of IDRUS to alert the driver about various events. Each transmission has many parameters includes GPS information such as direction, location, speed, time, etc. A novel Intelligent Algorithm for Road User’s Safety (IARUS) is used for processing the parameters to identify the various alert on events. This algorithm works on the basis of a vehicle’s path history and path prediction. Special care has been taken to protect the personal information (such as Name or License Plate Number) from unauthorized access.

To demonstrate the prototype Model, an Android Application named IARUS.apk has been developed and implemented the GPS module working principle to communicate with IDRUS and alert the vehicles to avoid accidents.


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