Liquified Highway

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Aqua Terra Hovercraft will congruently service the needs of the transportation industry by providing commercial hovercraft of superior safety, quality, technology and operation. Our commitment is to the continual development and service of new markets worldwide while being conscious of the environments we travel. ATH
will provide the Hovercraft Vessel, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance, and anything else required for operation.

• We will service Public and Private clients for the transportation of passengers and cargo.
•Our market is the Oil, Gas, and Mining industries.
•We will hire and train local people in all positions to create high quality jobs in a sustainable business. We strive for 100% Local Content if possible.
• Create high quality employment in manufacturing and operations.
• Goal: To build the largest and most financially successful Hovercraft Transportation Company in History.
•The results of the research and development has produced, not only new construction methods, but viable solutions to problems with previous and existing Hovercraft Designs.
•The Aqua Terra Hovercraft integrates proven and existing technology to produce a vehicle that serves the needs of a wide range of markets and clients.
•The initial markets to be served are the oil, gas, and mining industries as they are expanding into remote and environmentally sensitive locations that demand the use of hovercrafts.
•The Aqua Terra Hovercraft can compete with the higher-cost forms of transportation to secure attractive profits while delivering a superior value to the clients.

Light, Medium, and Heavy Lift Hovercraft Desgins
• Light Lift – 8 to 33 Passengers or 2 to 10 Tons Capacity
• Medium Lift – 60 to 150 Passengers or 20 to 60 Tons Capacity
• Heavy Lift – 200 to 500 Passengers or 100 to 600 Tons Capacity

• Aqua Terra Hovercraft Designs, Builds, Owns, and Operates all the Hovercraft Vessels in our Fleet to service the needs of the Oil, Gas, and Mining industries.
• Over Water, Land, Ice, or Sand no Beach is out of Reach.

•Aqua Terra Hovercraft has done extensive research and development of this unique transport system.
•We know the Hovercraft is the ideal solution to service the growing needs of the Oil, Gas, and Mining Industries.
•The use of the Hovercraft provides a fast, safe, and economical way to reach new levels of effective application.
•Logistic companies can now plan direct routes to a central location while maximizing the capabilities of this advanced transportation technology.
•Aqua Terra Hovercraft strives to integrate existing forms of transportation to the incredible capabilities of the Hovercraft to form great solutions for a Liquified Highway.


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