Digital Vehicle Identity

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The concept of this project is that the whole details of a vehicle can be stored in a chip and this chip can be accessed only by the police to collect the entire details easily and quickly even if the vehicle is moving. This chip contains the details like Vehicle no:, Owners name, model, colour of the vehicle, Engine no, Registration details, Date of expiration of insurance or tax...etc and the transmitter device monitors the current speed of the moving vehicle. And this is transmitted into the air by ZigBee transmitting module as soon as the vehicle turns ON. Hence this information's can be decoded using a receiver and can collect all the details of a particular or all vehicles moving or stopped in a specific range (approx.100m) of area and the helps to catch the vehicle that exceeds its speed limit. The owner or no one without permission can access or modify the data in the chip.

So this will be really helpful for the cops to track a vehicle using the receiver that trying to escape from them. This can be also used as counters in public places or private areas to count the number of vehicles that passed or to collect their details (Airports, Railway Stations, Traffic Islands). By implementing this in traffic islands the traffic jam can be controlled or measured or to pass this information to cops.

Using the receiver all details that are transmitted can be collected and stored into a memory chip. This can then be transferred to computers. So this can be used to trace a vehicle that escapes, help to reduce crime. The receiver device will be simple to operate. The transmitter must be included in the vehicle at the time of manufacturing. It is then bought to the vehicle registration department and the extra registration details can be included into the memory chip by the authorities.


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