Engine Without Combustion Of Fossil Fuels

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We all are afraid what will happen if all the fossil fuels are finished. This engine gives a better solution for this problem. This engine uses compressed air as the working fluid. Air is taken from the atmosphere and is compressed using a compressor. A battery is used as power for working of compressor. The compressed air is then stored in a reservoir. The air coming from the reservoir is also heated for increasing engine efficiency. From the reservoir air is fed into the cylinder through an inlet valve. The opening and closing of the inlet valve is controlled by a cam mechanism as in conventional engines. After the working cycle, air is let out through the exhaust valve. Air is supplied to the cylinder in every 2-strokes.

For the better safety of the design, a safety valve is also placed on the reservoir which lets out air if the pressure reaches a particular value. By this design air can be compressed up to 250 bar pressure. This design can be used in almost all mid-range cars.This design can be used in taxis, cars and even sports vehicles and the major advantage is that there is no use of fossil fuels and less emission compared to conventional engines.


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    Cyril Soji
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    The rise in price of fossil fuels,and higher emission of conventional engines.
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