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CARVON LLC is a startup company that will mainly produce SkatE-Pods. SkatE-Pods are hands-free electric boards with freewheel mechanism and mechanical brakes.

SkatE-Pods are different from most electric skateboards because they are not operated by hand remote-controls. It also uses mechanical brakes to stop, unlike all available e-boards today which uses motor-braking to stop. Because of the introduction of mechanical brakes and the elimination of the motor for stopping purpose, a freewheel clutch is able to be added. This is beneficial because it adds a magnet drag-free coasting which is helpful for extending battery-life, unrestricted downhill and tricks, and the ability to easily manually push the board when it runs out of battery-life, or when you turn it off.

The way the SkatE-Pods works is by use of a pedal that is continuously being pulled up by a powerful spring. A Bowden brake cable is attached to this pedal. The other end of the Bowden brake cable is connected to the brake pads on the wheels of the board. Therefore, the brake is constantly engaged while there is no rider on the board. In this way, it also acts as a "dead-man's brake" preventing the board to travel further when the rider falls off. As the rider presses on the pedal, it disengages the brake pedals from the wheel, allowing the board to freewheel/coast. Further pressing on the pedal will contact the Force-Sensing Resistors that is underneath the deck or foot level of the board, turning the motor on and accelerating the electric board.

A future feature of SkatE-Pods, which is included in the patent application, is "electronic lean-measuring steering." An accelerometer is used to measure the lean of the board and increases power to the outside-turning wheel while decreasing power to the inside-turning wheel. This is similar to "tank-style" steering and creates a smaller turning radius.

Another feature described in the patent application is an opening or detachable lid on the foot deck to allow access to the battery. This enables swapping depleted batteries with freshly-charged ones easily and conveniently. Fresh batteries can be carried by the rider in their backpack, allowing for a longer ride time and range.

Lastly, another future system which is also included in the patent application, is called Juicebox. Juicebox is a battery re-charging kiosk patterned after the popular REDBOX DVD rental kiosk. The idea is, riders can trade in their depleted batteries with a freshly-charged battery for a fee. The depleted batteries get recharged and ready for the next rider/user. It is planned to be available in front of most convenience stores and can be designed to work with other Electric Vehicles.

By introducing mechanical brakes into electric skateboards, safety is improved. The freewheel mechanism is not only advantageous to battery-life, but also makes the SkatE-Pods the best carving and riding E-boards. The ability of its features to make it light, portable and longer range makes it an attractive device for alternative transportation.

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