Relief Vehicles

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Our aim is to create Relief Vehicles for developing countries like India. Most of the cities in India have very narrow roads or lanes that cannot be easily accessed in times of emergency. We want to create a modification that is much cheaper, sustainable and available at a local level.

Thus we propose to create a Flood Relief Vehicle and a Fire Safety Vehicle. We shall be using second hand vehicles (bike and cycle) for the same. These vehicles are available in nearly every household in a country that boasts of more use of two-wheelers than anywhere in the world.

The flood relief vehicle shall be able to move on water and carry a payload of 130 Kg. These vehicles will very cheap and available for the masses.

The Fire safety vehicle shall be equipped with enough power to bring down the fire on a 2 storey building. These bikes are already available in the market. However, these are very expensive and few. We want to bring them to each and every locality at a much cheaper price.

Our work on the former is almost over. We are presently working on the bike.


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