V4 engine carburetor venturi

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The objective of this project is to determine and analyze the flow through a V4 IC engine carburetor for single throttle opening condition (100% opening). The modeling of the product is done by Catia V5 R20. The model is developed with a throttle opening and closing mechanism. Polyamide (PA11) is selected as the material for fabrication.

The newly developed design is subjected for finite element analysis using software. CFD tetrahedral meshing is done by Hperworks 11.0. In order to simplify the component, Solid domain and fluid domain is separated using the same software.

Air-Fuel mixture flow analysis is carried out using the CFD tool in Ansys 13.0. The flow evaluation is done for different mass flow rate of 0.025, 0.050 and 0.075 kg/s. The results of the testing show that the design pressure is within the limit and satisfy all the standard conditions of automobile industries.

To estimate the strength of the product developed, steady state structural analysis is obtained with the help of Ansys 13.0. The output shows that the material and design structure is capable of withstanding an external pressure up to 750Mpa.


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    Deepak Kumaran
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    to increase the efficiency of IC engines with decreasing the effect of knocking
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    Catia V5 R20
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