Aircraft water or land crash locating device

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There is an easy, inexpensive way to locate aircraft like flight 370 in the future. Install an automotive type air bag in the tail or other parts of the plane with an automotive type crash sensor. The air bag would detach from the craft and float. The air bag would be equipped with a GPS, pinger and Satellite phone that will send out all the information you need to go right to the crash site. The air bag will keep an added black box afloat for days. This would be cheap enough to fit on ALL planes and could save lives in many crashes. It would also save Millions of Tax Dollars in search efforts.


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    Chuck Barnow
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    Nothing on the news but flight 370 and millions of dollars spent looking for 370. This is not the 1st time and will not be the last time we waste time & money looking for a downed craft.
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