Jack Rabbit Personal Transportation

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The Jack Rabbit series of personal transportation vehicles are each built using various configurations of bicycle frames, wrapped in a fitted canvas skin; making it something akin to a bi-plane without wings.

The idea is to replace the standard big car with something you can fit 30 of across your standard city main street. Thus reducing traffic congestion, emissions output, and increasing the fun for everyone.

Lets face it... Dune buggy rally cars are fun.

The frames are arranged so as to use the stress of the riders weight to hold the machine together tighter at higher speeds.

With the pedals and low weight, it requires no license to operate; because it has four wheels, in Canada it is not legally defined as a bicycle like vehicle, allowing for an unlimited motor power to be mounted.

The shopping cart on the back serves as a cargo carrying area, or a hijack seat for an additional passenger.

A custom built alternator could even be rigged to the pedals, to enable the driver to casually pedal on an easy gear while driving to charge any additional batteries stored, enabling potential for truly unlimited cheap-o long distance vehicle based travel.


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